Economic Development and Social Integration

Support for Migrants and Refugees 

All our support and services are delivered in our clients’ preferred language and through people from their own, or similar, culture.

Business Start-up Programs

BSI Program
Business Start-up Information Sessions

This program offers one-on-one support for CALD community member who wants to start their own business. Information covers a wide range of topics including, for example,: business feasibility assessment, business plan, business structure, compliance, taxes and accounting and marketing. For more information get in touch with us directly. 

BST Program
Business Start-up Training

This program offers training to group of potential business owners, or current business owners who wants to develop their business. The training uses the interactive approach where the participants learn by doing and sharing. The topics varies according the the groups needs. For more information get in touch with us directly.

Business One -on-one Start up and Operational Support

This program support potential and existing business owners with developing business plans, filling up forms, meeting compliance, reviewing legal documents, negotiating with land lords, developing marketing plan and other different types of support to start and/or sustain their business. For more information get in touch with us directly.

Investors-Enterpruners Connection Program

This program help potential and existing business owners who are looking for small finance find investors who are interested in their business. SSB provide the needed support for both parties to become business partners. If you looking for finance or interested in becoming an investor and partner please contact us to register with us. For more information get in touch with us directly.

Business Development and Co-ownership Support

This program is a form of Venture Capital. SSB develops number of business plans ready for operation by interested potential business owners who will then become owners of the business and partners with SSB. SSB will continue provide the admin support until the business can be fully independent. For more information get in touch with us directly.