Economic Development and Social Integration

Support for Migrants and Refugees 

All our support and services are delivered in our clients’ preferred language and through people from their own, or similar, culture.

Social Programs

Cultural Bridging Facilitators

New Zealand is multicultural country which pays great respect and appreciation to all other cultures.

 Currently there is a growing need for Cultural Bridging support to help overcome cultural and linguistic barriers when working and communicating with kiwis from different backgrounds.

 We believe that culture is more than language and lack of cultural understanding leads to unproductive, inefficient and sometimes destructive outcomes, and therefore we provide our Cultural Bridging Facilitators with intensive training to enable them provide you with a more positive and effective communication experience. 

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Family Resettlement and Parenting Support

This program fills the existing gap in the education and support received by the CALD community and the migrants and refugees coming to New Zealand in terms of cultural and emotional challenges, parenting style as well as understanding the New Zealand education and legal system.

Whether you are one family, group of families, school or community group we will support you in the way that best meet you needs. Please contact us for more details.

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Cultural Competency Workshops 

Understanding and appreciating cultural differences is extremely important in multicultural societies, like New Zealand, and neglecting them leads to misconception, miscommunication and misunderstanding between the involved parties. In multicultural countries all sectors and employees interact with CALD community members at some point; employees and staff, clients and customers, education, health, legal, HR, banking, trade, social work…etc. Therefore, it is a crucial part of any professional development training to include cultural competency training in order to enable all the parties involved have better understanding as well as clearer and more respectful communication in order to achieve more positive outcomes. 

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